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Atlantic Water Garden Triton Ionizer

Atlantic Water Garden Triton Ionizer

Atlantic Water Garden Triton Ionizer

The Atlantic Water Garden Triton Ionizer modular design is at the cutting edge of innovation, featuring tool-less, seamless integration with our award-winning Triton Check Valve! Safe for animals and plants and unaffected by sunlight and heat, this mineralized water maintains a residual ability to treat organics, greatly reducing the need for chemical treatments.

Triton Ionizer with pumps


When plumbed to the outlet of a pump, the Triton Ionizer delivers highly effective copper ions that attach to organic material, effectively removing it from the water column. A microcurrent of electricity separates the ions from the copper electrodes as the flow of water carries the ions into the water feature. A microprocessor allows fine adjustment and balances the consumption of the electrodes for complete control and long life.

Triton Ionizer Features:

  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Low maintenance
  • Clears water without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Level of mineralization is controlled by the LED panel
  • Treats Ponds up to 25,000 gallons
  • Easily installed in any new or existing water feature
  • Electrodes are easily replaced without tools
  • 1-year warranty
  • Pond-free / Fountains

Water Parameters for Optimal Performance:

The Triton Ionizer works best when the water feature parameters remain within the limits listed below. The water feature’s water parameters can change during the season, especially in features that experience excessive evaporation and require significant water to be added. Many times a simple water change can help reset the water feature’s water parameters.

  • Total Alkalinity 80-120ppm Note: Copper becomes less effective the higher the Alkalinity.
  • If the Alkalinity is over 200ppm, the copper ions will remain in a dormant state.
  • Warning: Copper ions can be toxic to fish if the alkalinity is below 50ppm
  • pH 7.2-7.8 Note: pH can be affected by heavy loads of debris composition
  • Warning: Copper ions can become toxic when pH is below 6.8

Under ideal water conditions, it will take 7 days / 2500 gallons of water for the copper ions to reach effective mineralization levels. Natural bacteria and algae treatments can be added to control organics until the copper ions reach effective levels. Bacterial treatments for sludge control should be used on a regular basis in conjunction with the Triton Ionizer.

Download the Triton Ionizer App

Atlantic Water Gardens' Triton Ionizer App allows users to control the TRION3 Triton Ionizer from their mobile device. This app monitors water conductivity and enables users to turn the power on and off, as well as change the ionization level of their Triton Ionizer in 10 levels of adjustment. The Triton Ionizer App provides users a way to personalize Wi-Fi settings and control multiple Triton Ionizers.

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