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Atlantic Water Gardens Distributor Consultant

Atlantic Water Gardens Distributor Consultant (ADC)

We have just become an Atlantic Water Gardens Distributor Consultant, we at Koi Depot of San Diego will support the relationship between you and your customers (the contractors and dealers), allowing you, the distributor, to build meaningful long-term relationships with those customers. We will be supporting and working with Hydro-Scape and Ewing in setting up education classes with hands-on training.

Look for future updates and announcements coming to San Diego and Inland Empire counties.



Atlantic Professional Contractor (APC)

In contrast to manufacturer-dominated programs that emphasize loyalty over education, the Atlantic Professional Contractor (APC) Program is distributor-driven, for a very simple reason: the distributors know their customers best. They know which contractors would most benefit from such a program, they know which customers would prefer to be loyal to the distributor and to Atlantic, and they know best how to select and qualify those contractors.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Atlantic Professional Contractor (APC):

Alyssa Schmidt - Program Coordinator Atlantic Water Gardens

Phone: 330/274-8317 x 11 Fax: 330/274-8790 alyssa@atlanticwatergardens.com