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1/2 Inch Auto Fill Ponds

1/2 Inch Auto Fill Ponds
1/2 Inch Auto Fill Ponds1/2 Inch Auto Fill Ponds

Auto-Fill 1/2" for Ponds or Skimmers

PVC Mini Float Valve, Tank Mount, Fixed Arm, 1.5 gpm at 60 psi, 1/2" NPT Male

Auto-Fill Valve with is perfect for both permanent and temporary installations. Works with most skimmers and other pond equipment to allow water to automatically fill in the skimmer vault.

  • Estimated rate of flow up to 1.5 gpm at 60 psi
  • PVC for corrosion resistance
  • Tank mount with extended threads on inlet side of valve for mounting through tank wall
  • Includes 1.5x4" float ball attached to fixed valve shutoff arm
  • 1/2" NPT male threaded inlet and free-flow outlet
Item #
Auto-Fill 1/2-in. for Ponds
$ 14.99
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