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FD Food Staple Plus Float 15kg Medium ( Hi-Growth )

FD Food Staple Plus Float 15kg Medium ( Hi-Growth )

FD Food Staple Plus Float 15kg Medium ( Hi-Growth


Fish Meal, Bran, Wheat Flour, Gluten Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast, Krill Meal, Alfalfa, Fish Oil, Aqua-Vitamins, Aqua-Minerals

Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Ash Crude Fiber Moisture
Min 35% Min 4% Max 12% Max 5% Max 9%
By using this product, you can expect several benefits below:
-Carefully selected fish meal is used with Alfalfa to build up size efficiently.
-Protein, Fiber Amino acids and Nucleic acids are combined from the highest quality of Dried Brewers Yeast.
FLOAT: M(5.7mm) L(6.7mm)
SINK : M(5.7mm) L(6.7mm)

Water Temp. (°F.)

Feeding Frequency

Food Type

Less than 50ºF.

Do not feed Koi.

Temperatures at 50° F. of more than one month may require supplemental feedings of low protein and high carbohydrates.


2-3 times a week if Koi are hungry.

High carbohydrate, low protein, laxative type foods. Wheat germ, Cheerios®, squash, lettuce and brown bread.


4-5 times per week if Koi are hungry.

Add low protein (25%) pellets along with vegetables. Increase quantities gradually as temperature increases.


Once per day six days per week.

Low protein (25%) pellets along with high carbohydrate vegetables and fruit.


Once per day every day.

Gradually increase protein in pellets (35%) and quantity of pellets. Vary diet with vegetables and fruit.


Once or twice per day.

Bulk of diet should be 35% protein pellets. Add fruits, vegetables, and plankton for variety.


3 to 4 times per day.

High protein pellets (35% to 40%) with color enhancers. Add plankton, vegetables, fruits, and shrimp.