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Kasco Marine Solar

Kasco Marine Solar capitalize on the unbeatable strength of Kasco products driven by the sun. This technology is easy to use and more powerful than anything on the market and is designed for use in applications spanning from farm ponds to harsh industrial environments. These patented controllers are available in solar only and solar + grid blender options. They are an all-in-one inverter and Variable Frequency Drive with maximum power point tracking designed to utilize the most solar power available.

Solar Only Option
Operate a unit at variable speed to maximize the energy from the sun. In partial sun light (morning and afternoon) the unit will run at reduced speed, as to not shut off completely, extending the daily run time.

Blender Controller Option
Combine the solar only controller capabilities with grid power to save energy costs and allow for full speed, 24/7 operation.

Product Features

  • Operate standard Kasco 50hz / 60hz, 1/2-2HP units (2HP units must be 3 phase)
  • Soft start function to maximize runtime and extended available solar hours
  • Status LEDs to indicate operating status and fault conditions
  • Easily add additional solar panels to increase performance and extend daily run time from solar
  • GFCI motor protection


  • Unit: 2 or 3 years (unit dependent)
  • Controller: 1 year
  • Solar panels: 10 years

Package Includes

  • Solar panels
  • Solar racking system
  • Solar only or grid + solar blender control panel