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Kichler Underwater Accent LED 12v 3.4 watt

Kichler Underwater Accent LED 12v 3.4 watt
Kichler Underwater Accent LED 12v 3.4 watt

Landscape LED - LED Underwater Light 15711SS

Designed for underwater usage in ponds, fountains, & other water garden features. Can also be used out of water as a mini accent light - ideal for wood decks & overhangs..

  • Stainless Steel Housing Featuring an Integrated Cowl & Brushed Finish
  • Integrated LEDs & Driver, 60° Beam Spread
  • High CRI & Tight Color Consistency
  • 3000K Color Temp (+220 / -175). Light Output is Equivalent to a *15W MR11
  • Filled & Sealed With 2 Types of Premium Encapsulate to Ensure Fixture is Completely Watertight, 1/4 20 Threaded Mounting Tap
  • 10-Year / **40,000 Hour Warranty on LED Driver & All Other Electrical Components 5-Year Warranty on Aluminum LED Housings & Exterior Finishes

* 3.4W is The Halogen Equivalent of a 15W MR16 Lamp

**Definition of 40,000 hours: Voluntarily following the accepted industry standard of L70, Kichler rates the entire lighting fixture system at 40,000 hours; with engineered electronics that will last at least 40,000 hours, superior optical engineering, and finally utilizing a design that operates at the optimal temperature thresholds for the LED chips. The end result is a complete light fixture that does not require replacement parts and will provide 70% or more of its original light output for at least 40,000 hours. It has been proven that the human eye can hardly detect any difference in light output when light output is at 70% or above of its original output.

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Kichler Underwater Accent LED 12v 3.4 watt
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