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Koi Isolation Cage

Koi Isolation Cage

The Koi Isolation Cage has 4 sides, a bottom, and a top with X style zippers is bordered with strong nylon rope made from 1/4" ace knotless polyester netting.

This allows for excellent water circulation.Excellent for in pond Koi observation, the Koi Isolation Cage provides a secure area when introducing new Koi and allows for separation when treating Koi. The zipper on the top prevent koi / fish from jumping out. It's also protecting the koi /fish from other animals.

39" W x 39" L x 39" D

Setup an isolation Koi cage:

  • Slide the 4 pipes ( PIPES INCLUDED ) into the provided slots, there IS NO NEED for zip ties.
  • Connect 4 pipes together using the elbows. Better if glued the together.
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Koi Isolation Cage
$ 49.99