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Pre-Cut Liner 45-ft.x 45-ft.

Pre-Cut Liner 45-ft.x 45-ft.

Firestone Pondgard Liners - Firestone PondGard liners are the best EPDM liners on the market! EPDM liners are the preferred choice for landscapers, nurseries and water garden installers because they are extremely flexible and very puncture resistant. Contractors, garden centers and retailers can call for wholesale pricing!

  • Fish Safe: PondGard liners have been tested and have proven to be safe with fish and plants
  • Highly flexible: PondGard liners remain flexible in extreme temperatures, from -40? to +175?F
  • Weather resistant: PondGard liners are UV resistant and will not embrittle with age
  • 20-Year warranty: PondGard liners are so durable they are under warranty for 20 years!

Call for shipping costs. This size liner exceeds UPS shipping weight of 150 lbs.

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Firestone PondGard liner 45' x 45' liner
$ 1923.75