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Tricide Neo® is a simple, new, bath-treatment for bacterial infections in ornamental fish. If your fish has body sores, fin rot or mouth rot, tricideneo® will work!

As good as injections! Tricide Neo® is a bath treatment made with a convenient packet of crystals. The fish should NOT be dipped for more than five to seven minutes. That's FAST!

Tricide Neo® is used to treat koi BODY SORES, MOUTH ROT and FINROT. Generalized 'pink-skin' caused by bacterial infections is also treated. Any superficial bacterial infection can be treated with Tricide Neo® and to a limited extent, the type of bacteria isn't important because of this compounds mode of action.

Tricide-Neo® is for external use in ornamental, non food fish only. Not for use in humans. Keep out of reach of children.

Tricide-Neo® is a dip treatment only.
should never be deployed in the tank, pond or aquarium.
is not indicated for exposure longer than ten minutes.

Ammonia levels must be carefully monitored as the dip is quite capable of destroying the beneficial nitrifying bacteria as well as the pathogens - IF the Tricide-Neo® gains entry to the main pond.

Bumblefoot is a common infection for domesticated poultry and waterfowl such as chickens and ducks. Did you know you can use Tricide Neo® as a treatment?