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Water Gardens

Updated: Sat, 29 Mar 2014

This will give a more defined explanation to the different pond designs. This section will be talking about Water Gardens.
Water Gardens


Water Gardens, also known as aquatic gardens, backyard ponds and garden ponds, have become popular in recent years.

Usually referring to a man-made feature, these gardens typically combine a pool with aquatic plants and often ornamental fish. Fixed items such as rocks, fountains, statuary, waterfalls and watercourses can be combined with the pool to add visual interest and integration with the local landscape and environment. Most of theses also have various size pebbles and rocks stacked on the walls, along with gravel covering liner.

Water gardens also have a variety of aquatic plants, which can range from Lily’s to Cannas,Taro,Iris. Also floating plants as Duck weed, Water Lettuce an assorted other varities. All of these will be picked on by Large Koi, we suggest other types of aquatic fish such as Goldfish, Black Mollies, and Paradise fish. The reasons we tend not to lean toward Koi are they grow up 30” and need deep water to thrive. Also require a more advanced filtration system then what is required for a simple water garden.

Suggested equipment list for a Water Garden are:

  • Biofalls-(filter pads)
  • Skimmer-(Leave net, filter pad)
  • Submersible Pump

With a Water Garden if the fish load is kept at a 30% to 70% plants a balance will be play. It is recommended that these type systems only be cleaned once a year! We feel that there should be maintained during the whole year not just once a year clean-out.