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Welcome to ReefnSalt

I was introduced to Saltwater and Reef keeping back in 1986. I had been a freshwater hobbisits before that since I was 5 yrs old. Once introduced to saltwater there was no going back! This is part of the reason I started to be more involved with aquatic business....forming our first company Lawson Aquatics.

Over the years we become more involved with Koi Ponds and Water Gardens. Forming Koi Depot of San Diego has been great experiance and meeting many great people. Once again "Saltwater Part" of me is calling me back into the hobby. We have formed many great sourses for providing some of the best products for great prices. We have added "Aquaruim Section" to our growing pond business.

My first Hex tank and then later on moving into reef Tanks

Sitting in the hot seat as president of the San Diego Marine Aquarist Society. Some of you may know this fellow in picture to the left......"Bob Fenner" .......Bob was an active member of our club and contributed knowledge helping to get many started in this hobby.