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Wound Ulcer Kit

Wound Ulcer Kit

Wound / Ulcer Kit
Everything you need to treat ulcers or damage on your fish!

Kit includes:
1. Mazusai fish tranquilizer: our ready made formula that works faster than all other brands.
2. Roccal Cleaner spray: a great cleaner that bubbles out all the bad stuff from a wound
3. Anti-Bac: a highly effective penetrating iodine based spray
4. K-Powder: seals the wound to help healing process, adheres better than any of the cream style products on the market today.
5. Top Seal Spray: Seals the K-Powder and possesses an antibacterial/fungal properties for better aid of healing
6. Waterproof instruction card
7. Safe-Touch Powder free Nitrile gloves
8. Zip up water resistant carry case


Item #
Kaizen Aqua Koi and Goldfish Wound / Ulcer Kit
$ 54.00