Koi Depot

Additional Pond Services

Traditional Koi Pond or Dedicate Koi Pond™ (Basic Services)

Pond Service / Monthly service calls start at $ 85.00 per visit

  • Weekly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Monthly
  • Vacation service

Basic Onetime Service Call Starting at $85.00 per visit. (Based on 1 man hour per visit)

  • Check biological filter(s)
  • Backwash filter(s)
  • Clean and dump pre-filter(s)
  • Clean Skimmer(s)
  • Check and clean bottom drain grates/Mid water intakes covers
  • Brush down water falls (When needed)
  • 10% water change out (Min)
  • Check condition of Koi and Pond(s)
  • Test Water (Min once a month)
  • Check air stones and aeration pump(s)
  • Supply Sodium Thiosulfate (Up to ½ pound per month)
  • Vacuum Pond (If needed)

Bi-Monthly (2 visits) service calls start at $ 160.00 (Savings of $10.00 per month)
Weekly (4 visits) service calls start at $ 300.00 (Savings of $40.00 per month)

Additional Services that we provide:

  • Remove and change Sand, Rock, and media in Filter/Starting at $150.00 and up plus materials.
  • Biological Vault Filter Clean-out/ Starting at $85.00 plus materials.
  • Complete Water Change & Pond cleaning: $85.00/hour (1 hour minimum) plus materials.
  • UV/Filter/Pump installations: $85.00/hour (1 hour minimum) plus materials.

Medication of Koi or Pond. (Consultation Needed)
*Parasite medication
*Bacteria medication
*Fungus medication

Scrape and scope for Parasites-Vet services available (Cultures/Meds)by Local Vet

* Over the counter products only

Consultations Includes:

Starting at 150.00 per hour (Min 1 hr) includes any or all listed below:

  • Trouble shoot entire pond system
  • Water testing
  • *Scrape and Scope Koi by vet (Parasites) if needed
  • *Cultures submitted to vet (If needed)
  • *Treatment plan provided by vet (If needed)
  • *Meds provided by vet (If needed)
  • Any diagnoses/meds will be dispensed by a licensed vet

* There may/will be additional fees for the vet to visit pond,scrape & scope,meds.

Design consultation:

Starting at 150.00 per hour (Min 1 hr) Are in the planning stage of your "Water Garden" or a "Dedicated Koi Pond”?
We can help you in making sure you have designed your system that will be easy to maintain. We also want to make sure you build it right to start with. Nothing worse then to do it once only to find out you may have left out a key "Component" to your design.

We have 30 years of experience in the Koi Hobby and we have many resources to use to make sure your dreams come true! So let us help to achieve your dream! We also can assist you retro fitting existing Ponds with bottom drains and upgrades with filtration systems.

Troubleshooting pond $70.00/hour (1 hour minimum) plus materials:

  • Pump Trouble
  • Equipment trouble UV/Filter
  • Waterfall leaks
  • Leaks/Cracks
  • Liner Repair

*Emergency Call: $175.00/hour (1 hour minimum) plus materials

*Any time before 7:00 am or after 6:00 pm Monday-Sundays/Holidays

Cancellation Policy