Koi Depot

Airmax® Certified Repair Center

Airmax® Certified Repair Center at Koi Depot of San Diego

Welcome to our Airmax® Certified Repair Center at Koi Depot of San Diego. We are a Certified repair center for Airmax EcoSeries 1/2 HP Floating Fountain and Airmax Pond Series 1/2 HP/1 HP/2 HP/ Fountains. We are a Certified Service Center for Airmax floating fountains and aeration systems. Our staff have been fully trained to diagnose and repair all Airmax systems. We can help you troubleshoot if you are having issues.

Do you need your Airmax® Fountain Cleaned? Is your Airmax® Aeration Compressor Ready for a New Maintenance Kit? We have what you need or better yet, we can do it for you!

Koi Depot of San Diego successfully completed C.A.S.T. program and is staffed with a Certified Airmax Technician who is authorized to perform repairs on Airmax Products. Issue Date: