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Airmax® Repair Center Service Plans

Airmax® Repair Center Service Plans

Maintenance & Winter Storage Service Plans









  1. We disconnect ALL power from the fountain and lights before attempting any maintenance.
  2. Periodically (Recommended every 12 months) clean fountain intake screen of debris, algae and/or aquatic weeds.
  3. If heavy algae and/or aquatic weeds growth then we recommend every 6 months to make sure intake screen is clear of debris.
  4. Periodically clean light set lens with a non-abrasive brush and cleaner.


Winter Removal & Storage (In areas of Pine Valley, Lake Cuyamaca, Idyllwild, Pine Cove)

  1. Remove the fountain and lights from the pond before ice begins to form. PRO TIP – Be sure to use a floating buoy to secure the mooring cable.
  2. This is the perfect time to clean or power wash any debris on the unit before storing.


Spring Installation Inspection

  • Before re-installing the fountain and lights in the spring, check the condition of the power cord, quick disconnect connectors and replace any o-rings that may be cracked.