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Dedicated Koi Pond

Updated: Mon, 15 Dec 2014

This will give a more defined explanation to the different pond designs. This section will be talking about Dedicated Koi Pon™
Dedicated Koi Pond


We define a Dedicated Koi Pond™

As a pond that contains Koi only and no rocks or gravel, or any plants. Riverine creatures like Koi naturally exist in large bodies of fresh, moving water. Generally speaking these bodies of water are relatively free of any of the aquatic plants found in a typical water garden because deep, moving water and plants don't peacefully coexist. These same waterways are also generally devoid of rocks, being lined instead with alluvial soils and clay. That is the environment they were designed by nature to thrive in. A Koi Pond must properly be defined as a pond constructed specifically for Koi. All design elements in a Koi Pond are for the Koi and about the Koi. The needs of the Koi define the pond in every way.




The equipment that is used in a Dedicate Koi Pond

is more elaborate then what is needed to maintain a Water Garden Pond. Below is a list of some of the suggested equipment needed to properly support Koi.




  • Bottom Aerated Drain(s)
  • Skimmer(s)
  • TPR’s (Tangential Port Returns)
  • Air Pump(s)
  • Settling Chamber(s) or
  • Vortex Chamber(s)
  • Biological Filtration
  • External Pump(s)
  • UV(s)

As you can see Dedicated Koi Pond requires a bit more equipment then a Water Garden. This is of course to maintain a higher quality of water. Below are a few suggested levels acceptable for Koi.

  • Ammonia- 0 ppm
  • Nitrite- 0 ppm
  • Nitrate- 5-10 ppm
  • Ph- 7.2-8.8 Stable Range
  • Alkalinity- 100-125
  • ORP- 300-400mv
  • O2- 8mg/l and above at 80*

The only things the two types of ponds have in common is the water. Both are beautiful, but have entirely different purposes as their focus.