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Filter Multi Valve Head Parts

Filter Multi Valve Head Parts

Most Pond and Water Feature filters have a Multiport valve, so called because of it's multiple ports. These are handy valves, allowing for backwashing in a single movement, and when they were introduced in the 70's, pond owners and pond service people alike applauded.

Like every piece of Pond and Water Feature equipment however, some maintenance is to be expected. One of the most common repairs to a Multiport valve is the replacement of the internal gasket, called the Spider Gasket. This type of gasket seals the 4 ports in a Multiport valve, keeping the water from going in directions not intended.

When the spider gasket becomes old, brittle, stretched or broken, it will begin to exhibit the following:

1. Water exiting the backwash port - when Not in the Backwash position.

2. Poor water clarity, as some water is bypassing the filter, returning to pond or water feature.