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Solar Power Light Caps

Solar Power Light Caps
Solar Power Light CapsSolar Power Light Caps

Copper Top Solar Light Caps

A solar post top light will illuminate walkways and steps in an attractive and eco-friendly manner.

Because it is solar powered, the lighting will not contribute to greenhouse gases or the depletion of environmental resources in any way. On top of that, running such a light will add no extra charge to any electric bill.

Light up your bridge day and night with our Solar Post Caps. By day, these post caps add a charming touch to your bridge, porch, fence, or any outdoor area. By night, they enhance your bridge with lovely accent lighting—without the hassles of wiring or electricity!

  • Can be controlled with ON/OFF switch
  • Two LED lightbulbs plus reflective panel make the solar light four times brighter
  • Two AA batteries ensure longer lighting power
  • Available individually as a replacement, or in a set of six.

Item #
Copper Top Solar Light (Single)
$ 43.00
Copper Top Solar Light (Set of 6)
$ 252.00
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