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Nijikawa Koi FoodNijikawa Koi FoodNijikawa Koi FoodNijikawa Koi Food


NIJIKAWA Koi Food has been established with one idea in mind; "Bring the best possible feed to the community with affordable pricing".

With this idea in mind, we have worked with the most prestigious fish feed manufacturer in the world, with the most advanced research fish feed laboratories and development centers as well as with koi breeders and dealers to create the GROWTH and FOUR SEASONS blends that will enhance koi biosystems and improve koi growth.

Quality koi feeds rely on large resource networks, advanced manufacturing facilities, stable supply chains and balanced nutrition which contains all the essential components to support koi life functions. The feed needs to provide optimal protein and fat ratios, enhance the digestive process, stimulate metabolism, strengthen immune systems, improve skin quality and maintain coloration.

To acheive such a high level feed requires intensive research over a vast number of available ingredients, experiments and experiences over a large number of samples through multiple aquaculture operations to gather the feedback from koi fish and pond keepers.

After years of research and refinement, Nijikawa USA has partnered with the largest fish feed manufacturer in the world (EWOS) to utilize its North America facilities to bring this premium koi food formulation to life. We proudly present NIJIKAWA GROWTH & NIJIKAWA FOUR SEASONS.

Item #
Nijikawa Four Seasons Health Diet (15 lbs-7k) 5mm Pellets Floating
$ 75.00
Nijikawa Growth (15Lbs-7k) 5mm Floating Pellets
$ 80.00