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Pond Service Packages

Pond Service Packages For Traditional Koi Pond or Dedicate Koi Pond™

We're a full-service company that can take care of all your Pond Service needs from thinning out plants to full spring clean-outs! We also can assist you retro fitting existing Ponds with bottom drains and upgrades with filtration systems. We have 30 years of experiance in the field.

Water Garden Spring Time Clean-Out (Basic Service)

Recommend Feb-April for clean outs.
(Can be done anytime during year.)

Spring time clean out includes:
 Set up holding system for fish
 Balance water for transfer
 Aeration for holding system
 Net and bowl fish for parasite or other health problems
 Drain pond
 Power wash
 Plant thinning and removal
 Clean pads in bio falls
 Clean and check pump(s) in skimmer
 Clean pad(s) and net in skimmer
 Refill pond
 Treat water for chlorine and pH balance
 Acclimate fish back into system
 Clean up

Monthly service calls start at $ 85.00 per visit

Water Garden Service Package:
Additional service calls (Recommended for ideal conditions) A supplement to the spring clean.

Service calls include:

 Clean bio fall(s) pads
 Skimmer pad(s)
 Plant control
 Visual check on health of fish
 Net debris out of system
 Backwashing bogs (if in design of system)

Service Package A (5 service calls) savings of $50.00

Service Package B (11 service calls) savings of $110.00

* when you sign at time of spring clean-out

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