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Spring Clean Outs San Diego County

Spring Clean Outs San Diego County

Spring Pond Clean Outs San Diego County

Wow it’s hard to believe its 2021 already, time for "Pond Cleaning and Spring Startup"

It may seem or feel like it now but spring is just around the corner and before you know it you will be outside enjoying the weather and all the wonder and excitement of your beautiful yard and pond again, that brings us to the topic of preparing your pond for spring and the upcoming season.

You may be looking at your pond and thinking that there's not much going on. The biology in your pond, although slowed, is very different than the biology in the warm season. Waste (decomposing organic compounds) don't decompose as fast as during the warm season, and left alone can become food for pond algae and all manners of ecosystem havoc. Late winter and early spring are also the time of year pathogenic bacteria can affect your fish health. These pathogens, thrive in cold water with heavy muck build-up. Now is the time of year to schedule a pond cleaning before hidden problems arise and rear their ugly head’s.

We recommend that your pond receive a full cleanout at least once per year to help maintain your pond's maintenance and beautiful appearance. Lack of performing annual cleanout could result in increased maintenance or fish health issues.

If you would like Koi Depot San Diego to perform your spring maintenance services please schedule your pond cleaning by using our easy appointment scheduler below.

Please be aware that we have many customers and that we can be busy with “Spring Startups” every year. All Spring Maintenance scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis, if you delay scheduling your cleanout, your cleanout could easily be delayed to April or later!!

We're offering 10% off to "New Customers" that our using our services for the first time.

What to expect:

  • Drain, Rinse and Refill Pond
  • Pond Sludge Rinsing and Draining
  • Pressure wash rocks and gravel
  • Thin out overgrown plants
  • Removal of excess debris and leaves
  • Fish Health Check
  • Pond Water Quality Inspection
  • Lighting Check
  • Pump Maintenance Inspection
  • Pond Filters Cleaning/Inspection
  • Pond, Stream ,Waterfall Adjust Rocks as needed

We have 30 yrs experiance in all forms of the Koi hobby and Water Gardens.

Other Systems and type of ponds we service are:

  • Dedicated Koi Ponds
  • Water Gardens
  • Hybrid Ponds
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Aquascape Systems
  • Russall Water Gardens Systems
  • Atlantic Watergardens Systems
  • EZ-Pro Systems
  • Pond Sweep Systems
  • Flow Ranger Systems
  • Nexus Filtration Systems
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Systems
  • W.Lim Systems

Cancellation Policy

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