Koi Depot

Koi Service
Mark has taken care of my Koi pond for over 5 years now. Both his big service (emptying the pond, cleaning filters, thinning plants, removing dirt from rocks etc.) and the small service (cleaning filters, trimming plants) are done thoroughly and efficiently. His knowledge of Koi and ponds has been very helpful to me and his friendly and accommodating personality makes pond service a pleasure!

Outstandingly great. KDSD kept in touch as I added to my order before it was shipped. The order was shipped on a Thursday as promised, and arrived Saturday morning. I was very happy. Highly recommended

My Pond
Just because I belong to the Koi Club, doesn't mean I know about pond plumbing. Thank goodness for KDSD. They're super! They constructed my pond for me and gave me a lot of cost saving ideas. I can dig a hole and I clean fish poop, but when it comes to plumbing, I'll always call them. My pond runs beautifully and my Artesian Pump is so quiet. Only 1 washer has needed changing in the past 6 years. I just moved this summer and had to build a "new" pond. Thanks to KDSD we were able to transfer all the equipment, keeping the cost down. Bridget Capraro

Good price and fast order handling.

I have been a long-time customer of Koi Depot, and have always received the attention I required, and my orders.

I would like to thank Mark for the tireless hours he has spent helping us get our filtration system up and running just fine. Your service after the sale was great, and I can honestly say that we have absolutely no problems with our pond filtration what so ever.

Again thanks, always a pleasure...

The Best
If you want to hire someone you can trust. KDSD Koi Depot of San Diego is the place. Mark is fair, honest and reliable. Believe me we called several people to help us with our pond and Mark was the only one that was able & willing to help us. I am very glad we found him.

Great service and true concern about customers receiving the ordered products

Mark Lawson is the professional-when you have tried the rest (and please believe I have done so-I am amazed one of them is still in business considering the caliber of work they do)Anyway, when all is said and done there is no one like Mark Lawson and KDSD-experienced, patient, fair and always the best...what more can I say but do yourself a favor and call-don't even try the others-I have...

The work done by Mark of Koi Depot of SD is superior to others in the same field.  I've tried three other business and Koi Depot is the best. They do not gouge you with miscellaneous fees like others.  I've had emergency work done on a holiday and there was no extra charge. Marks is always willing to work with you to get both the wife approval factor and still stay within budget--not an easy task given the costly nature of anything pond related. He will do what it takes to get your pond working and keep your koi safe.

Excellent service for my pond
Mark is a professional. He's been doing a great job with my pond for the last 5 or so years. One time my pump stopped working on a Sunday afternoon. I left him a message in the hope that he'll respond first thing Monday morning. To my suprise, he called me back later that Sunday, then he stopped by and fixed the pump. So, yes I highly recemmend his services. Thanks, Otto

We just bought house that had a Koi pond, we needed help in understanding the whole system. Mark was great in taking the time to walk us through the system. Well worth the consultation fee....went above and beyond helping us!

Have had other pond services out to work on my pond in the past. Koi Depot I have to say has surpassed all the rest! Pond looks great thank you!
Excellent customer service!

 When I drove up just after dark I could see the waterfall illuminated from the driveway.  The lights are awesome and the placement looks near perfect from my view.  I am very impressed.  These babies really put out the light!!!  

Best in San Diego
Mark is extremely knowledgeable. His rates are very reasonable and in a crisis he is there pronto. It doesn't get any better. He is the only one to call in this area. He fixes messes that others leave you with. So call him first and avoid the headache and added cost.

Pleased in Point Loma
Mark really knows water chemistry, pond equipment, and koi health. He fixed a leak in my pond which vexed many other pond services. I have always found him extremely dependable and reasonably priced. I will continue to use him for regular maintenance, equipment upgrades, and whenever strange problems arise

Mark (KDSD) has made my life so much easier and rewarding , he is a genius in solving pond problems and other building choices, and a very nice person.