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Airmax SolarSeries Battery Backup SS20-BB

Airmax SolarSeries Battery Backup SS20-BB
Airmax SolarSeries Battery Backup SS20-BBAirmax SolarSeries Battery Backup SS20-BBAirmax SolarSeries Battery Backup SS20-BB

Airmax SolarSeries SS20-BB Solar Pond Aerator

Airmax SolarSeries SS20-BB Solar Pond Aerator


Battery Backup:The SolarSeries Battery Backup aeration system is powered by a 24-volt DC SilentAir compressor along with two 12-volt AGM batteries. The batteries store energy during the day (even in low-light conditions) and power the system at night for up to 24 hours of operation. Aeration provides many benefits to the health of a pond, such as muck reduction, water clarity, reduced algae, and fish health. These benefits are optimized when aeration operates approximately 24 hours per day.

Lockable Powder-Coated Aluminum Cabinet: Each battery backup system is housed in a durable, lightweight powder-coated aluminum cabinet for long-lasting equipment protection. For increased security, cabinets feature a tamper-proof, integrated locking lid. Keeping the system running clean and cool is improved filtration and cooling technology, including a cooling fan, which provides maximum volumetric air exchange. An elevated base protects against dangerous flood water. Cabinet dimensions: 30.25"L x 28.75"W x 21"H. Comes with a 10-year warranty.

American Made Solar Panels: Unlike single-panel systems, the Airmax SolarSeries solar powered pond aerator systems come standard with two high-quality American-made solar panels. High-output solar panels deliver maximum performance, even in low-light conditions. Solar panels can be installed at the water's edge or up to 1/4 mile away from the pond or lake.

Easy Installation: Our exclusive EasyMount system comes preassembled for simple installation of panels. Made from powder-coated, military-grade aluminum, the EasyMount system is corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight.

ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers: Designed for maximum oxygen uptake, the ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers incorporate high-efficiency, low-maintenance membrane sticks to release tiny oxygen bubbles into the water column. Membrane diffusers have the synergy of air stones without the headaches of cracking and acid-washing. The ProAir 2 Weighted Diffuser has an integrated check valve that prevents back flow of water in the airlines during system shut-downs. The innovative sled design keeps the ProAir 2 submerged while maintaining an upright position during installation. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Airflow Manifold Assembly: Airmax simplifies airflow management to individual diffusers with a 2-port manifold with nickel-plated ball valves, as well as an integrated pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. The SolarSeries SS20-BB solar powered aerator is set up for 5/8" airlines (can be purchased with or without 200' of 5/8" airline). The airline comes with a 5-year warranty.



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SS20-BB 2 Diffusers (2) 100-Foot Rolls of 5/8-in.Airline
$ 6799.99