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Rhino Bottom Drains

Rhino Bottom Drains
Rhino Bottom DrainsRhino Bottom Drains

Rhino Bottom Drains Simply the best bottom drains on the market!

Quality materials and superior construction differentiates the Rhino over other Spindrifter type drains. A few of the problems associated with the Spindrifter have been alleviated in the Rhino design including;

  • Thicker flanges and liner attachment ring that will not flex or crack
  • All attachments are machine fitted for extra strength with no need for gap filling
  • All joints are hand welded resulting in more strength than the speed welds used on the Spindrifter
  • 3" height over the horizontal discharge port for more concrete over the horizontal discharge port (the Spindrifter requires a collar to increase the height over the drain)
  • Direct pipe connection into the air bladder (the Spindrifter requires you to snake an air line through the pipe)
  • Rhino air drains contain an air check valve to prevent water entering the air line.
  • Rhino drains are American made and cost less than the Spindrifter!

Rhino Series I drains are vertical discharge in your choice of 3" or 4"?pipe.? The Rhino II air drain is 4" ported, horizontal discharge.

Item #
Rhino I 3-inch Bottom Drain
$ 102.00
Rhino I 4-inch Bottom Drain
$ 108.00
Rhino II 4-inch Drain w/Air Diffuser
$ 490.00