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Atlantic Pro Series FilterFalls

Atlantic Pro Series FilterFalls
Atlantic Pro Series FilterFallsAtlantic Pro Series FilterFallsAtlantic Pro Series FilterFalls

Atlantic’s Pro Series stands apart, with heavy walled construction that resists warping and crushing, stainless steel hardware that eliminates corrosion. Oversized doors, weirs and fittings optimize pump performance. The Big Bahama line features innovative, practical design to minimize maintenance and callbacks, maximize pump life and time between cleanings

Where other products warp, crack or leak, Atlantic’s Big Bahama Pro Series keeps going. Built with heavy-duty materials designed to last, FilterFalls are unsurpassed in the water gardening industry when it comes to durability and functionality. FastFalls that has set the industry standard.

Features include:
• Skimmers designed for maximum filtration that also prevent run-dry conditions that can destroy a pump.

• The sturdiest, easiest to install Pond-free waterfall spillway on the market, our FastFalls have been imitated but never duplicated.

• FilterFalls with heavy-duty top grates and support bars that allow natural rock camouflage.

• Easy liner attachments that prevent leaks in our FilterFalls and FastFalls.

Three sizes to choose from: BF-1900, BF-2600, BF 3800.

Item #
Atlantic BF-1900
$ 416.00
Atlantic BF-2600
$ 507.00
Atlantic BF-3800
$ 807.00