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Air Stones

Air Stones

Air Stones for Ponds

Three times stronger than white silica air stones! Produces a finer bubble with no increase in pressure

  • Inlet fittings are set into the body of the diffuser, making them much less likely to break or twist loose.
  • Higher density means self weighting
  • Cleanable with muriatic acid or chlorine
  • More resistant to ozone
  • Creates finer bubbles for increased aeration efficiency with no increase in pressure
Item #
Aquatics Air Stone 2.8-in. by .6-in.
$ 3.49
Aquatics Air Stone 5-in. by 1.2-in.
$ 6.99
Aquatics Air Stone 11.8-in. by 2-in.
$ 21.00
Air Manifolds

Air Manifolds

The Air Manifold is very important for two reasons. It gives you the ability to send air to various areas within the pond or lake and allows you to vent off potential back pressure. Connect the outlet...(click on product image for more details)