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AeroGarden 7 Gourmet Herb and Grow Kit

AeroGarden 7 Gourmet Herb and Grow Kit
AeroGarden 7 Gourmet Herb and Grow Kit

Complete countertop hydroponic garden with built in grow lights and 7 pod capacity - Grows from seed to harvest!

The AeroGarden 7 lets you grow beautiful plants indoors, any time of year. From tomatoes to fresh herbs, lettuce, flowers and more, the AeroGarden makes indoor gardening easy, with no dirt, no weeds and no mess.

The AeroGarden is:
• Easy
Drop in the pre-seeded Grow Pods, add water and grow
Plant your own seeds or choose from a wide variety of pre-seeded kits
• Automated
Reminds you when to add nutrients
Light turns on and off automatically
• Versatile
Grow a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more!
• Foolproof
100% success guaranteed

The AeroGarden 7 comes with everything you need to start growing right out of the box:
• AeroGarden 7 - Fully automated, elegantly designed
• Gourmet Herb Seed Kit - Includes Seed Pods and ‘SUPERGROW' Liquid nutrients
• Grow Anything Kit - Includes Seed Pods and nutrients supplies for a full season of growing
• 2 Grow Lights - Full spectrum, high-output and energy-efficient

Item #
AeroGarden 7 w/Gourmet Herb & Grow Anything Kit
$ 179.00